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if any of you guys (mutual or not) have problems that you wanna talk about (anon or not) i’m always ALWAYS happy to help i’m a great listener and i’m good at giving advice okay so if y’all need to talk don’t be a stranger ok

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"I’ve built most of the furniture in my house. I want to get to the point where I’ve built everything. I built my couches; I built my table and chairs; I built my bed and all my bedroom furniture. There’s a couple of things on my deck that I didn’t make. Eventually I’ll get there. But I also built the house, so, you know, hey!"
~Misha Collins [x]

(photos of home interior are screencaps from Misha’s Bing commercial)

The perfection of this man makes me wanna just become a puddle of jello because I can’t handle it anymore.

Noble School Board, Noble Ok: Demanding Resignation of Noble Public Schools Superintendent, Ronda Bass Barrett.



The superintendent of Noble Oklahoma schools took girls aside on the first day of school and told them they were dressed like skunks and hoes. Later that week she then called out girls she thought were dressed inappropriately and made them bend over in front of the school. She used them as an example and shamed them. Here’s a news video of the incident. I would love it if you helped out and signed this petition. 


Also guys— I live about 10 minutes from this town. The running joke in all the local towns’ high schools is that girls from Noble are most likely to get pregnant and carry STIs. Please spread this around, our girls need this woman out.